“The Renaissance Page”







$10 for Sizes S-M-L / $15 for sizes XL-XXL

Made of 100% light-weight cotton material. Neckline and sleeve-cuffs are your choice of drawstring or elastic.

Colors: Any solid color.



-Renaissance corset-

$95 for sizes S-M-L / $105 for sizes XL-XXL

This garment provides proper period silhouettes, but construction techniques have been simplified for modern materials and equipment.
 This Tabbed version is appropriate for the late Renaissance/Elizabethan era and can be worn for fashions through the mid 17th century.

Note: For early renaissance impressions, I can make this garment untabbed, which is period correct for the eary 16th century.

Colors: Any solid color





-Peasant Blouse-


Made from light cotton material. Drawstring neckline and sleeve cuffs, can be worn on or off-shoulder.

Colors: Any solid color.