$10 for sizes S-M-L $15 for sizes XL-XXL

Made of 100% light-weight cotton material. Comes to calf-length and has three-quarters length sleeves.

This pattern is a composite of similar characteristics found in three original shifts now in museum collections. 

Colors: White, Cream




 Very full with drawstring closure. Bottom ruffle.

Colors: Solids only.




Small Side hoops (panniers) with slit openings for pocket space. One size fits most.






Cotton, knee-high stockings. They can be worn  without garters.

Colors: White, Cream and Black



Half-Aprons- $6

Made from 100% cotton material.

Colors: All solids and plaids(patterns will vary):

 Red, Blue, Green, Brown







“Felicity” Gown

$85 for S-M-L / $98 for XL-XXL


This is a basic, one-piece dress. The back has a 2” privacy panel and closes with eyelet lacings. This would be a good, “Starter” dress.

Please contact me about material and trim colors







-Sandalwood fan- $8.00

Beautifully elegant fan made from fragrant sandalwood.