Chemises are made off-shoulder (So as not to interfere with low-cut ball gowns.) and come to about calf length.

Colors: White, Cream




$85 for S-M-L / $95 for XL-XXL

Strong and heavily boned with spring-steel boning. Front has busk closure and the back laces.

(see picture below)




$10 for sizes S-M-L $15 for sizes XL-XXL

Drawers have an open crotch and are trimmed in eyelet with drawstring closure.

Colors: White or Cream

(below is chemise, corset and drawers)




Hoop has four bones and crinoline netting is optional. Waist has drawstring closure.

(Please note that hoop below was made from synthetic material, I now use all-cotton fabrics)

Colors: White





Cotton knee-high stockings. They can be worn without garters.

Colors: White, Cream and Black






-Basic Bodice-

$15 for sizes S-M-L / $20 for sizes XL-XXL

Basic bodice is lined and boned. Front button or hook and eye closure. Dropped arm-scythes.

Colors: Solids only

(see picture above)





Skirt is full enough to fit under a 360’ hoop. Back hook closure.

Colors: All solids

Print or plaid patterns may vary.

(please note the skirt above is NOT the skirt offered here)



“Lydia” 3-piece dress


This is a beautiful Civil-War era gown! It consists of a bodice, skirt and overskirt. Bodice is lined and boned with front hook closure and decorative buttons. Bodice also has the very fashionable, “Pagoda” sleeves.  The overskirt is removable for a simpler look.

Please contact me for material and trim colors.






Collars are detachable and have no trim.







-Pinner Apron-


Apron bib pins onto bodice with straight pins (Hence the name, “pinner”).

Solid Colors: White

Plaids (patterns will vary): Red, Blue, Green



-Sandalwood fan-


Beautiful and elegant fan made from fragrant sandalwood.